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My Perfect Car

WCCS found my perfect car over five years ago and it’s still running strong! Thanks! Mike, Rancho Mirage

Classic Truck

WCCS got us a classic Ford truck! I didn’t think it was possible to find one that we felt comfortable with considering we were looking for a classic truck. But WCCS came through. It was a specialty vehicle and WCCS didn’t

Half a Million Miles

WCCS found my dream Toyota 4Runner for me and I’ve put over 500,000 miles on it since! The best cars for the best price always! Steve, Pasadena

Repeat Customer

WCCS got my last car over a decade ago. It’s time for a new one, so they just sold it for me for $1,000 more than CarMax was going to give me! And now they’re looking for my next car! Tim, Lake


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Reports of people using laptops to steal cars dates back almost a decade to a 2010 study at the University of Washington done by computer scientist Tadayoshi Kohno attempting to prove that computer hackers don’t necessarily hack only computers. Since


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Credit Unions have always had a superior reputation for auto loans over the go-to bank loan. The problem has always been availability. People could only join a credit union through their work, etc. But now, the rising popularity of credit

Top 10 Cars in CA vs. the US

Recent studies show the marked difference in California cars versus the most purchased cars nationwide. Californians, it appears, love them a hybrid!! reports that the hybrid Toyota Prius is the number six best selling car in California and nowhere