Top 10 Cars in CA vs. the US


Recent studies show the marked difference in California cars versus the most purchased cars nationwide. Californians, it appears, love them a hybrid!! reports that the hybrid Toyota Prius is the number six best selling car in California and nowhere to be found in America’s top 20! Of course, the top 4 best sellers in California are our two favorite Hondas (the Accord and Civic) and our two fave Toyotas (the Camry and Corolla) in that order. Everquote‘s top 10 break down is as follows:


As you can see, Californians have a type. I’m not talking about Brad Pitt look-a-likes or brown-eyed girls. I’m talking about GAS SAVERS! Apparently, we drive a lot in California and gas-saving is top on our priority list when it comes to transportation. Eight of the top ten can be considered small to mid-size fuel efficient vehicles. The balance of the U.S. has a more eclectic style when it comes to cars. Incorporating a healthy mix of foreign and domestic cars and trucks, the rest of America doesn’t appear as gas-conscious as we Californians.
So when you’re thinking about your next car, consider your “type.” And see where you fall on the map. 



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